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Centerline Brackets Photo Contest 2019


Can I enter more than one category? Yes. You may enter as many categories as you have bracket styles.

Can I enter more than once in the same category? Yes. If you are an installer, kitchen designer/architect, general contractor or someone who uses the same bracket style regularly and have pictures from multiple projects, each one can be entered in the contest. Each entry must meet contest rules.

What if I have older pictures from a previous project? There is no time frame for when your project was completed. So long as you are a verified customer and the pictures meet entry requirements we encourage you to submit them for a chance to win.

Tips for Pictures

  • The clarity and quality of your photo counts for half of the points earned during judging. Blurry, out-of-focus pictures may disqualify your entry. If you don’t have a steady hand, consider using a tripod.
  • STAGE YOUR PHOTO! Remove any trash, construction debris, tools, cleaning supplies etc. from the picture. Check that cover plates are on outlets, no electrical wires showing. This is especially important for the finished project photo. Remember, 30% of the scoring criteria is based on marketability/commercial appeal of your photos.
  • Use props in the kitchen for the finished project picture. A bowl of fruit or vase of flowers gives a nice finished touch and offers visual appeal. Keep the counters cleared of pens, paper, keys, etc.
  • If you are installing either the Standard Plus & Forward L bracket, take the picture so it shows the flange on the back side of your knee wall. If taken from the front this bracket looks too much like the standard bracket. Showing the installed bracket from the back side will add interest and make the picture more valuable in terms of marketability.
  • An action shot means just that. Ideally this picture will show a person performing one of the following type of installation activities: measuring for bracket placement, routing out the knee wall, screwing the brackets into place, ensuring the brackets are level, etc.

Winners and prize monies will be awarded in time for Christmas!