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Countertop Support Bracket - Front Mounting Bracket - Hidden
Countertop Support Bracket for Granite, Quartz - hidden

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Countertop Support Bracket - Front Mounting

Our Front Mounting Countertop Supports for granite or other solid surface applications are designed to be mounted directly to a stud or used with a backing plate in either an existing installation or in a new installation. The countertop support is built out of heavy duty 3/8" by 2.5" A-36 steel and professionally finished. The countertop brackets have 35 degree bevels on both the horizontal and vertical flanges and three countersunk ¼ inch holes in the vertical plate to secure the bracket with.

This Countertop support bracket comes in five convenient sizes and six different beautiful powder coat colors for applications where the brackets will be visible. These countertop supports can provide support for countertop overhangs up to 16 inches. To size the bracket simply subtract 2-4 inches of the total overhang length. For example a 12 inch overhang would require 8-10 inch support bracket. Please see the chart below for our recommendations.

Hiding the Front Mounting Countertop Support Bracket

Like all of our products this countertop support can be hidden from view creating an open, floating countertop effect. If you already have sheet-rock on your studs you will need to do the following.

  • Remove the sheet rock in the area of the stud where the bracket will be mounted.
  • These brackets require a wooden stud. If your installation is on metal studs you will need to install wood blocking.
  • Securely mount the bracket to the stud and ensure that the top of the bracket is level with the granite placement. If you find that your stud wall is not square be sure to shim the bracket.
  • Once the support is fastened in place simply use a “Quick Patch” sheet-rock kit to cover the bracket.

If mounting in an exposed application remember that mounting a bracket directly to sheet rock is a bad idea. Sheet rock will crumble over time under a load. When this happens the support capacity is greatly diminished as the connection to the stud is no longer solid.

Overhang sizing recommendations

Length | Height | Overhang Length
6" 6" 8" - 10"
8" 6" 10" - 12"
10" 8" 12" - 14"
12" 10" 14" - 16"
14" 10" 16" - 18"

* For mounting applications other than wood you will need to provide your own fasteners.

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