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Spanning Support Bracket
Spanning Support Bracket

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There are two different ways to use this versatile bracket. The first is to span an open area between two cabinets or other structures providing support for your countertop. In the second option, the bracket sits atop your cabinet, extending beyond the cabinet’s walls to support overhangs on opposite sides.

Here’s how to measure the bracket length you will need:

  • Option One – The bracket should extend 6 inches into each cabinet, then add the length of the cabinet you need to span. So, if there is 30-inch space between your cabinets/support structures, the correct length of the bracket you need is 42 inches. (6 + 6 + 30 = 42)
  • Option Two – We recommend a 4-inch set back from the edge of your countertop to keep the bracket hidden. Therefore, simply subtract 8 inches from the total width of your countertop. So, if the countertop that needs to be supported is 54 inches wide, then order a 46-inch bracket.

We suggest using two brackets, one in the front of the cabinet and one at the back.

No matter which application you choose, this bracket is easy to install. Using a Dremel or oscillating multi-tool makes cutting the mounting channel in the cabinet very simple. If you don’t have a powered hand tool, use a coping saw to make the channels. The bracket will sit snugly in the channel and will not require any fasteners. Remember to run a bead of high-quality adhesive down the center of the bracket before setting the countertop.