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Customized Granite Brackets. Requests to modify our brackets for some of the “special” jobs or "particular needs" projects are considered Custom Granite Brackets. This Category of product line allows you the buyer or builder to get us to make the perfect Granite Bracket just for you and your project. 

The Customized Granite Bracket is your design. Just call us 1-888-960-3854 and tell us what we need manufacture for you. We have expereanced sales teams waiting to make the perfect Custom Granite Bracket just for you.

Custom Granite Brackets are non returnable items and can be classified as a higher priced item. 

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Spanning Support Bracket
Spanning Support Bracket
Prices Start at: $36.95

There are two different ways to use this versatile bracket. The first is to span an open area between two cabinets or other structures providing support for your countertop. In the second option, the bracket sits atop your cabinet, extending beyond the cabinet’s walls to support overhangs on opposite sides.

Here’s how to measure the bracket length you will need:

  • Option One – The bracket should extend 6 inches into each cabinet, then add the length of the cabinet you need to span. So, if there is 30-inch space between your cabinets/support structures, the correct length of the bracket you need is 42 inches. (6 + 6 + 30 = 42)
  • Option Two – We recommend a 4-inch set back from the edge of your countertop to keep the bracket hidden. Therefore, simply subtract 8 inches from the total width of your countertop. So, if the countertop that needs to be supported is 54 inches wide, then order a 46-inch bracket.

We suggest using two brackets, one in the front of the cabinet and one at the back.

No matter which application you choose, this bracket is easy to install. Using a Dremel or oscillating multi-tool makes cutting the mounting channel in the cabinet very simple. If you don’t have a powered hand tool, use a coping saw to make the channels. The bracket will sit snugly in the channel and will not require any fasteners. Remember to run a bead of high-quality adhesive down the center of the bracket before setting the countertop.

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Countertop support bracket - Center Levered for bar tops
Countertop support bracket - Center Levered for bar tops
Prices Start at: $45.95

Countertop support bracket - Center Levered

This is our preferred countertop support bracket for applications that require support on both sides of a knee wall or other structure such as a bar or offset overhang.

The body of the bracket is 2½” x ½” solid steel and beveled at both ends for safety. The flanges are made of 2½” x 4” x ¼” steel. The granite support bracket has five countersunk mounting holes centered in the top plate, front and rear supports that attach to the knee wall, and support studs to ensure a secure connection to the knee wall—acting as stiffeners for the whole application.

he easiest way to determine the correct length bracket needed for your project is to subtract 8” from the width of the countertop. This allows for a 4” setback on both sides so the bracket remains hidden. For example, if the countertop is 40” you’ll want to order a 32” bracket.

Spacing for the center levered bracket is determined by stud location in the knee wall. Typically, this is between 16” to 24” depending on building codes in your area. Maximum recommended spacing for the brackets is no more than 24” and less the larger your overhang.

When ordering our Center Levered Countertop Support Brackets, be sure to double-check the width of the wall they will be mounted on. Lumber, when initially cut, is considered “rough sawn,” and the rough size for, say, a 2” x 4”, is in fact 2” x 4”. However, when lumber is used structurally in commercial and residential environments, it is milled on all sides to ensure it is smooth, straight and uniform. So, in the case of a 2” x 4”, the actual size of the prepared lumber would be 1½” x 3½”.

NOTE: The default saddle for the Center Levered Bracket is spaced for a 2” x 4” knee wall and assumes an equal overhang on both sides of the wall. We can easily adjust the saddle to fit a 2” x 6”, 2” x 8”, 2” x 10” or 2” x 12” wall and offset the saddle for uneven overhangs.

It’s crucial that you let us know to make these adjustments, however. If placing the order online, simply include the information in the comment box on the checkout page. Or call (888) 960-3854 to place the order with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer-service reps.

To successfully utilize this bracket, building a quality knee wall is crucial. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sure the knee wall is securely anchored to the floor.
  • Use screws instead of nails when building the wall.
  • Use a double-cap on the knee wall. The first cap will attach to the vertical studs. When attaching the second cap we suggest securing it in locations other than over the vertical stud. This will allow you to rout out the channel necessary to install the bracket without worrying about screws or nails being in the way.

Mounting hardware is included.

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