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Forward L Bracket Long L Bracket 8 Holes

The Forward-L Bracket has that extra gripping action on the back of the Hidden Bracket. This is the best answer to a hard question for Only $32.95!

Forward-L Bracket

This Forward-L Bracket should be used when you need to get that extra grip on the structure or knee wall. This bracket is used when you just want go that extra mile on safety. 

This honey has holes on top and on the back angle for some serous mounting and support applications. 

Its proper installation requires it to be used in the same fashion as the Standard Bracket from Centerline Brackets The bracket is still designed to have the weight of the countertop resting on top of the back end of the bracket and have the bracket rest on top of its supporting structure. 
This Bracket is not intended to act as a wall mounted bracket, instead it should be used in conjunction with a knee wall or a cabinet.

The Forward-L Bracket Specs are:

Top Bracket comes in lengths of 7" to 21" from tip to tip.
2.5 Inches wide rolled steel.
.5 inch thick steel 

The drop down angle is welded to the top bracket at a 90 degree angle 
It is a 1/4" thick piece of steel with 4 mounting holes  
It drops 4.5 inches down from the top bracket

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Countertop Support Bracket - Hidden Forward L Bracket
Granite Bracket "Forward-L"
Prices Start at: $37.95