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Countertop Support Bracket - Hidden Forward L Bracket
Granite Bracket "Forward-L"
Prices Start at: $34.95

Countertop Support Bracket - Forward L

Hidden Countertop Supports

Countertop support brackets by Centerline are inherently very strong products as the majority are constructed out of ½ inch x 2 ½ inch steel. So when people ask us what’s the difference between your Standard countertop support and the Forward L countertop support we always ask about the application. If you expect a lot of traffic such as in a commercial application or a family with a bunch of kids who may or may not be a bit abusive (leaning, sitting, etc.), the Forward L countertop support may be the best choice. We also recommend the Forward L countertop support for overhangs of 18 inches or more as it provides extra mounting points on the flange that allows you to attach the bracket not only to the cap of the knee / pony wall but to the vertical studs as well.

The Forward L Countertop Support is a versatile bracket. As you can see from the image above it is designed to mount on a knee / pony wall. However it is also used in countertop island support applications. Although we have several other products designed to support countertop islands such as our Countertop Island Support Bracket and the Side Mount Countertop Support Bracket the Forward L is often used as well. Most commercial cabinetry is made of particle board and is not suitable for directly attaching a bracket, corbel or other load bearing support. This means the inside – top – back wall of the cabinet will need to be reinforced or “gusseted” with a 2 x 4. To attach the gusset we typically use Liquid Nail as an adhesive and clamp the 2 x 4 in place until the adhesive dries. For more detailed instruction please see our installation guide for this countertop support bracket.

When looking at the Forward L you may want to check out our Standard countertop support bracket as well. The Standard countertop support bracket is our most popular product.

Installation Guide

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