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The Right Side Mount Hidden Bracket is the go to bracket in a pinch
. We built this one for the floating countertop style jobs that are becoming more popular.

*To tell which side is Left or Right look from the back end of the Countertop Bracket (The Flat End) and then the angle is placed on the side you choose, Left on the left side and Right on the right side of the bracket (looking from the back)

The Right Side Mount Hidden Bracket is made to fit and attach to a cabinet when you have no knee wall to attach to. This bracket can be attached to the studs inside of walls and then sheet rocked over to make for a very nice way to have a granite shelf running along the wall.

The Right Side Mount Hidden Bracket is made from 2 different pieces welded together to create a bracket of hard rolled steel that is great for supporting countertops. One piece is the "Angle" or the "drop down" and it sits on the side of the supporting bracket. (You need to choose a side when ordering; Left or Right) This is the part that is usually the part that connects to your structure, like a cabinet or island box frame. 

The Right Side Mount Hidden Bracket is unique in that it has an Angle welded on to the right side of the Hidden Bracket allowing for a different way to mount the Hidden Bracket. 

To tell if the Bracket is a Right Sided Side Mounted Bracket you look from the rear of the Bracket and see that the Angle is on the right side.

The Right Side Mount Hidden Bracket Specs:

The first part of the bracket is just a Standard Hidden Bracket and can very in length 7” to 21” or Customized Sizing.

The second part of the Right Side Mount Hidden Bracket  is the Vertical Drop Down Anchor. This is a vertical plate that drops down 4.5 inches to make a second point on contact on the structure that will be used to hold up the floating